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My great-grandfather, Chick Daniels, was a famous Hawaiian Waikiki Beachboy who generously shared his Aloha to all. I like to think that I'm carrying on his tradition by sharing my Hawaiian Wave Art with all who visit this page. Over the past three years, I've invested many hours in the pursuit of photographing Hawaiian waves. I've taken close to one million photos and it's been a crazy adventure. I appreciate all the good times I've had in the water. Sometimes I'd find myself alone in big and dangerous conditions hoping someone would come out to join me. Other times, I'd find myself in perfect barrels with just a few friends and a double rainbow. I've been extremely fortunate to be able to capture those special moments and share them with you here. When you appreciate my work, I hope you can feel the dynamic beauty of the ocean and be transported to state of peace, even if just for a few moments... I'm still searching for that "perfect shot"...

Mahalo Nui Loa!!!
Gregg Daniels

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